Another Christmas Miracle

One of my very favorite long time friends came to town from New York City this week and she and I got together for dinner.

She was staying out at The Landing Hotel which is a lovely boutique hotel in the town of Wayzata where I raised my children, and near where this friend originally was born and raised.

We met at the hotel and walked down the pretty Main Street to the new highly lauded French restaurant.

We had a wonderful small dinner, splitting an endive salad and a steak au poivre...avec pomme frites of course. My friend is very generous and has made herself a wealthy woman by succeeding in New York running her own company these twenty five years. She paid the bill and I was grateful.

After dinner we walked, both of us in dashing black coats and black boots, I in my olive green taffeta long dress with the black wool bustier because I had also attended the funeral that day.

We decided to stop in at the hotel bar for one last glass of champagne.

The town is quite sophisticated, especially for Minnesota, and there are wealthy people there, mostly drawn by the wonderful lakeside lifestyle with sailing and boating of all kinds in the summers. In winter they do a lot of socializing and it's a very jovial place in general.

So we two lovely blondes come in and choose two bar stools in the middle of the long dark bar.

There are two bartenders, a middle aged well dressed couple, and several men scattered along the bar, all having a night cap and talking in relaxed tones to each other and the bartenders.

We order our glasses of champagne and people begin asking us where we've come from and what we're doing.

My friend who is a very confident and accomplished woman and who has a very good sense of playfulness with other people, is now doing most of the talking explaining to everyone that I am a great music artist and they should all hear my recordings and my brilliant songwriting and my remarkable voice.

I am smiling and nodding and drinking my champagne.

Suddenly one man who has been listening with one ear and otherwise working on a laptop comes out from his place at the bar and comes straight up to me with his open laptop in hand.

He says, "Do you do Paypal?"

I say yes I certainly do.

He says, "What'll it take for you to sing a song for me right now?"

My friend says, "Two thousand dollars."

I feel embarrassed and nervous and say, "No, not two thousand."

The man says, "One thousand?"

I say, "I don't know."

My friend asks if I have my guitar and I say that I do right outside in my car.

She says, "Run and get it! It'll be fun!"

I am thinking that I've been drinking wine for hours, I haven't warmed up my voice at all, I have a bit of a cold maybe and I might not sound good at all, after all that she has told them about how great I am.

I say, "Okay, yeah, I'll do it for five hundred."

The guy asks me my Paypal address and he types it in.

We watch as he puts in the five hundred amount and presses send.

I check my phone app and the money is instantly in my Paypal account.

So I went out to my car, brought in my guitar and played them maybe five songs.

The champagne had really gone to my head by then but I think I sounded okay and I just happily played whatever song I thought of next.

The bartenders told us they'd vouch for me if I want to be one of their listening room performing artists.

I've now put in an application to perform there and hopefully will confirm a date soon.

My friend said afterwards that I should have gone with the two thousand.

I could have but I didn't want to risk being a disappointment.

I don't know if that's appropriate humility or selling myself short, but I was pretty darn happy with the five hundred dollars.

Miracle at Christmas time.

There is a God.

The Universe conspires with you.

And yes, this is a friendly Universe, as Albert Einstein used to say.


Josephine Lane December 19, 2018 @11:28 am
What a sweet "believe in miracles" story. I'm glad you weren't greedy.
Christina V. Bowers December 19, 2018 @09:44 am
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