always do your best performance even when there are only five people in the audience

I try to remember to always give a true meaningful performance even if there is only one person listening...and he's the bartender.

You might get the idea when you're on stage that the few people who have come to your show are already discouraged by your inability to draw a bigger crowd and that you should maybe just lay low and play some quiet cover tunes that everybody knows, like background music. 

I have been ashamed so many times of the low turn out at my shows and I have let that shame dampen my performance.

But it's like the money dream I had a few nights ago (see blog post from two days ago), if I'm focused on the numbers in bodies or dollars, I am not focused on the music.

I hereby pledge to be always one hundred percent focused on the music.

Last night was my weekly happy hour show. It was snowing and kind of slippery across the Twin Cities so I guessed that the turn out would be low.

The week before I had a great crowd and for the sake of comparison made a hundred dollars in tips and music and book sales.

So last night there were about ten people and that dwindled from time to time to about five.

I made twelve dollars in tips. No music sales.

The people who were there were listening but I thought maybe they would prefer if I quieted down and played background music instead of my usual very insistent concert style presentation.

But there was this one young woman sitting at the bar who I just had the feeling would have been really disappointed if I didn't give it my all.

So I did.

I played with all my heart.

And afterward she came up to the stage and said how much she enjoyed my performance.

She then told me that she is the niece of my long lost best friend from grade school.

My old friend sent her niece to come say hello!

We grew up in Chicago, and my old best friend lives in New York now, so to have her niece be in Minneapolis and come to my show is really remarkable.

I was thrilled.

We had a great visit after and we agreed to go for dinner together soon.

The niece and I strangely had a lot in common it seemed and she lives here now so it's a nice new connection.

I'm so glad I did my best performance because you never know who's listening and how your performance might affect them.

You never know what the music might mean to them.

And it's all about the music.




Courtney Yasmineh December 02, 2018 @10:09 am
great perspective as usual from a fellow performing musician, Josephine. Thank you.
Josephine Lane November 29, 2018 @10:55 am
I believe most musicians have played to empty rooms. It is hard but I always try to look at it as practice time. Empty Room is a song I am going to write someday. Keep up the faith and never be discouraged as like you said you never know what comes out of it.
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