Alternative Folk Punk

I recorded a folk version of my song "Scrutiny" six years ago this week.

I wore a flowered dress and played my acoustic guitar. 

My black touring Martin guitar had stickers of butterflies on it, and my initials.

I got that guitar back recently from a guy I had sold it to when I was moving to New York City.

To sell it, I had taken all the stickers off and cleaned it up. 

I thought I was leaving this phase of my music and my life behind.

No more folky stuff for me.

But Rob Genadek bought me that guitar for my very first Europe tour ten years ago.

And I like wearing little flowered dresses.

I can't just walk around in a tutu and a black leather jacket all the time.

I gotta have some variety. I got to express the full range of who I am!

This picture was offered to me by the weird machinations of Facebook this morning.

What's that weird thing they say to you?

"We care about you and your memories." 

This picture was posted six years ago with a caption about how I was at Rob's studio that day recording a folk version of my new song "Scrutiny".

I love it.

I'm so thankful that the nice guy who bought that black guitar was willing to let me have it back.

I'm going to put new stickers on it!

Also, I have several songs from my newest album getting on the folk charts in the US, UK, and Europe.

So, folk never left me.

I'm not switching genres, I'm embracing who I've been, what I've done.

The "genre" for my new album has been labeled by me and by others as alternative folk, and as alternative folk punk.

Rock and roll springing from a folk singer sensibility with an emphasis on energetic sass and brash in your face New York City vibes.

What?! Is that a sentence?

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