Big surprise here, did not see this one coming: the medications I take, specifically a steroid inhaler for my asthma and an estrogen replacement for my...everything.... have both been deemed to be possibly linked to breast cancer when there is also a presence of alcohol in the body.

Buzz kill.

People who have toured with me know that, especially on tour, I like to have a glass of white wine with a salad for lunch, and a glass again with a light dinner before the show. Then there's usually a third glass with friends and fans after the show.

This routine does not put me under the table by any means. It has been generally regarded as a positive among the people who work with me, I would say.

I had, as a fan recently described, "a fear-based childhood". One of the fears was travel of any kind in any type of moving anything. I used to have to take Dramamine all the time to fly or ride in a car for long periods. 

I didn't start drinking any alcohol on any kind of regular basis until I started this career at 42 years of age.

I never drank anything at home as a young mother. I was afraid of alcohol and drugs. I was afraid of people who used anything at all. 

I didn't like to be around anyone who's mood was being altered. 

Rock and Roll and Rob Genadek changed all that for me!

Rob would say, "what you need is a liquid lunch!" and we'd go get margaritas at the place next to his studio.

I was always a basket case about the recordings, the rehearsals, the shows. I was always miserable with frustration that it wouldn't be good enough, that I was failing, that it was all for nought.

Anyway, I have never had an addictive personality per say and I have no trouble stopping bad habits if I make the decision to stop.

So when a fan at one of our Up North shows told me that women my age were being advised by the Mayo Clinic new studies to drink less or ideally not drink at all to avoid several kinds of cancer, I stopped right then.

I stopped, and I thought, "well I'll just not drink anything until I find out more about this."

I did some research and I discovered that women my age and cancer risk from drinking alcohol is a thing, but a woman my age who takes steroids for asthma and takes Estrogen replacement for..everything..and drinks alcohol is an ever bigger thing.

So, I'm not drinking alcohol.

When not on tour I drink less often but maybe still average one glass of wine per day.

I had no trouble stopping at all.

I don't know if I will have more anxiety traveling without the IV of white wine, but we're gonna find out starting August 3rd!

The good part of all this is that I am surprised that not drinking at all so far is making me feel younger and lighter.

I didn't realize that drinking wine had gone from the bad girl novelty of my last ten years to being the obligatory sort of old lady-ish glass of white wine of my next ten years. 


I think what had been fun and sassy was turning into stuck in a rut.

So, woohoo, no alcohol!

I made a pitcher of raspberry lemonade with fresh mint and cilantro yesterday. The raspberries were from the garden I'm working on at Rob's house. I used sparkling water to make it fun. It was fun. Over the course of the afternoon I drank the whole thing. And the more of it I drank the more fabulous I felt. I can't say that about my favorite rosé. Nope I can't.

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