affluence is not hoarding

I have been thinking about my attitude towards wealth.

I think I got a bad taste of wealth a couple of times in my life and so I started thinking that wealth was bad and that wealthy people were bad.

I have known some men and women who made a lot of money.

Some of them became isolationists, elitists, hoarders.

When I drive by a country club I think of this immediately, this "keeping out the riff raff" mentality.

When I see a gated community I think of lives spent buying a lot of stuff.

I have been on both sides of those fences.

I am grappling with my bad feelings towards affluence now because I am also desiring affluence.

The Latin origin of the word affluence is a word that means "flow".

I think there are beautiful wise people who have experienced the flow of wealth coming towards themselves and have been able to continue that flow by directing the blessings of wealth to others as well.

I want to make money from my art projects and I want to be a person who continues the flow, whatever comes to me flows through me and on to bless others.

That's the way I'm gonna do it when I have a lot of money.


Courtney July 18, 2018 @11:46 am
Petra! You are right as always. I love you! See you soon in Germany where I try again to make a lot of money! Haha!
Petra Schmidt July 18, 2018 @04:59 am
Courtney! Wealth is not a matter of money. The real wealth is life. To have a good job that allows you to do the things in the free time you love. Having friends who respect and take you as you are. To give and receive love. To enjoy every moment. I'm grateful for the life I have. I do not think about what I would do if I had a lot of money.
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