a special note about thisisninaluna

Some really fun stuff is happening, synergistic stuff, with a certain beautiful artist called Nina Luna thisisninaluna.com today.

She released a magnificent brand new song this morning, and for the first time in our strangely parallel careers, we both have songs on a Spotify playlist put together by a band we love called The Secret Weasels.

Nina is in Paris this morning for the first time in a long while, which definitely adds to the excitement around all of this for her and for me.

It's just a remarkable thing that a mother and a daughter could be walking these very separate paths, in different phases of our lives and in different musical genres, but during the same fifteen year period.

I have heard Nina say that she was "pissed because she was doing what I wanted to do" about those early years when I started making records and she was a young girl.

I remember everyone in our suburban town asking me, "how do your kids feel about you suddenly wanting to be a rock star?"

And I ain't gonna lie. It was annoying and embarrassing to my kids I think. But especially for Nina, it was frustrating but galvanizing.

She wanted it more and worked harder at it with my help and encouragement but also with a spirit of defiance, like there was no way her mom was going to get to have all the fun or the glory.

She and I have been gentle with each other regarding our musical pursuits and have found ways to support each other in our unique circumstances over these many years of her releasing recordings as I was releasing mine.

When she was fifteen years old Nina made her first album of all original songs. It was produced by my same producer Rob Genadek, and her father and I both helped pay for it. That was thirteen years ago. 

I was putting out my second or third album right then too.

My years of hard touring didn't come until after Nina's younger siblings, my wonderful Ava Vaughn and their little brother Jordan were all out of high school and away at college.

So my music is in many ways only being discovered now, even though there is a pretty massive body of work with music videos and eight albums of original songs to discover.

But with Nina too, her music is finding it's wider audience now but there are many years of many recordings, all beautiful and original, behind this glimmering triumph of a song she has released today.

Look her music up on Spotify or go to her website linked above in this post.

I am reveling in this delightful moment.


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