a really fun trip to the dentist!


I went to a new dentist yesterday.

My old dentist that I went to for twenty-five years doesn't take my new insurance, but my new insurance is really really great, so I had to find a new dentist that would take it.

I read reviews on line about dentists in the Twin Cities and I checked to be sure that the best ones took my insurance.

So finally, yesterday, I went to my first check up at my new dentist.

I was so scared, yes scared, because I don't like doctors and dentists very much in general.

I was so scared, in fact, that when they took my blood pressure at the beginning of the appointment it was really high and I always have low to normal blood pressure. I had just been to my ob gyn appointment in late June and it was pretty low.

So, assuming I am not suddenly developing high blood pressure, the dentist said it was the "white coat effect", otherwise known as being afraid of the dentist.

But it turns out I had nothing to be afraid of, and over all, I was so impressed with the dentist and the hygienist and even the office itself.

I think my old dentist, by comparison, isn't as good at all. But I would never have found out!

So, I'm lucky I had to switch and I didn't need to be so afraid but now I won't be because these people are awesome.

They gave me a bag of nice dental stuff....and I know that dentists always do that....but my old dentist didn't give this nice of stuff or this much stuff.

I used to not care about the dentist free stuff because I had three kids who were seemingly constantly going to the dentist and constantly bringing home handfuls of floss and toothbrushes.

But what I got from the dentist yesterday is more like a party bag from a really good birthday party to me.

I was really excited to get a bunch of free stuff.

I know I've been saying this a lot but having less spending money really makes you more appreciative. It just does. It's not like I'm advocating poverty for all, I'm not, but it does feel good to be able to get excited about the little things and not just be numb to things like the free stuff from the dentist.

Also, the dentist said my bones and my teeth in the x-rays look much younger than my age, woohoo!

He said the x-rays made me look twenty years younger than I am. He said I was lucky to have such nice teeth.

I'll take it! I never had braces and I just do the best I can, and that's such positive feedback.

He and the hygienist said that I looked young and was in good shape over all. Haha, yes, I'm getting that feedback a lot lately.

I think when you do what you believe is right and you take the high road as much as possible, your conscience gets lighter and your mind doesn't drag you down and you feel young and probably then your whole body feels younger...even your teeth.

Once when we were on tour with my full band, we became stranded in Holyhead because the squall had set in and the ferryboat wouldn't take us across to Dublin where we were playing the next night.

We set out from the train station on foot in the pouring rain looking for accommodations for the night for the four of us. Being a band of musicians, we turned into the very first pub we saw and threw down our pile of black cases of musical instruments and gear.

My guys stayed back and I stepped forward into the old dark pub where every bar stool was taken and the proprietor was talking loudly to his mates as he filled pint after pint and slid them down the old wooden bar.

I stepped up as confidently as I could and gave the bartender a big smile. I decided to try my British accent on him and said, "Hello there my good sir. Can I trouble you for four pints for me bandmates and myself?"

Right then everyone all down the line at the bar stopped talking. They all turned and stared at me.

The bartender smiled a crooked smile back at me.

No one spoke.

I was still smiling a big smile, afraid to move my face.

Then he said, "You're not from around here, are you?"

There were chuckles all down the bar.

I answered, "No I'm not. I'm American."

More choked laughs and snickers.

I continued, "How did you know? What was it, my clothes? Or my accent? Isn't my accent any good?"

The bartender looked down the bar at all his cronies, "No it wasn't your accent, it was your TEETH.

No one's got teeth like that around here."

And at this statement every man in the bar threw his head back and started laughing loud raucous laughter, and as they did so I could see a room full of dull and maybe rotting teeth from one end of the bar to the other.

A true story.

I am very grateful for my nice teeth today.






Courtney September 16, 2018 @08:48 am
Jeff, that's a good one! The hygienist also told me that I might be causing my gums to recede by "overbrushing". So tell your kids not to over do it on the flossing or the brushing! Haha!
Jeff Parkman September 15, 2018 @11:29 am
Glad you found a good dentist and that you have been blessed with good teeth. I had a lot of cavities and crowns that eventually gave out and I ended up having to get about 12 implants which I was only able to afford by having them done in Mexico. I always tell my kids to just floss the ones you want to keep :-).
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