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Wake Me Up When It's Over

Submitted by salmog on Sat, 12/07/2013 - 5:34pm Artist: Courtney Yasmineh Non-Airable Tracks:

none Label: Stupid Bitch Records

Courtney Yasmineh, a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, plays lively alternative rock and indie pop with her four person band. Her newest release, "Wake Me Up When It's Over," collaborates again with Grammy-nominated studio guru, musician, and musical director, Rob Genadek. She has a growing fan base in the United States and abroad through radio airplay. She has an expansive body of work of over four albums, and a colorful collection of new videos. Her voice is extremely unique and is consistent with every song. I love this album! Courtney Yasmineh is definitely one of a kind. Her lyrics are playful and catchy, almost everyone can relate to them. Each song tells a story. Play this on your station, its a must!!

Sounds Like: LizPhair Sounds Like: Alanis Morrisette Sounds Like: Debbie Harry Sounds Like: Sheryl Crowe

Recommended Tracks: 1 Ballad To My Other Self: a very catchy song!! I especially like the beginning 2 Wake Me Up When It's Over: my favorite song in the album! has great guitars beats 4 Scrutiny: girly rock anthem 5 Apparition: I love the musicality in this song!! 11 Entertained: probably the most different song in the album, very chill and a little dark

Name: Sivanne Almog Date Reviewed: 12/07/2013

Alt [1] Alternative Pop/Rock [2] Singer/Songwriter [3]

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