a new recording this summer

Rob and I are sitting in a little neighborhood bakery and coffee shop in Flossmoor, a neighborhood Southside Chicago.

It's been raining and the rain is not letting up. It's nice. I love Chicago.

I am conducting a songwriter workshop tonight just down the block at the Flossmoor Chicago Public Library 7-8pm.

Rob will probably sit at the brewery next door waiting for me.

After I finish the workshop we plan to drive back to Minneapolis.

Our arrival (hopefully) around 3am will (hopefully) dovetail with my youngest child's departure by car for LA for his first big post-college paid internship.

Luckily my son was home during this time to babysit my little dog so we didn't have to bring him along.

[I still don't know where my dog will be for our three week Europe tour in August. Ideally some single person would like to have a whole house to themselves and a little dog for companionship for three weeks in August so my little dog, who is ten years old now, can stay in his own home which I think is his best for him. Ideally the person would consider having a house to themselves in Minneapolis for three weeks as pay enough in return for walking the dog twice a day.]

But the big news is that while Rob and I are sitting here in Chicago we are hatching a plan to make a new recording in time for our Europe tour in August!

I've been wanting to make some acoustic recordings of the cover songs I like best..the classics for me, like the Rod Stewart song I've been singing since I first learned guitar at eight years old, like the Bob Dylan songs I've sung for years, like the Nanci Griffith songs, John Prine, and the Leonard Cohen Hallelujah.

We've got studio dates set for mid July!

If all goes well we'll have a seven or eight song CD to bring on tour!

I've never included other people's songs on my albums so this recording is something I've been wanting to add to my discography.

Okay, that's the news.

Love to you, if you're reading this, and gratitude for your continued interest.


Courtney June 25, 2018 @06:29 am
Petra, Rob and I are very excited about this new recording! We will have it for the tour with you! I will write to you in the next few days about the plans for Germany in August! Woohoo!
Petra Schmidt June 22, 2018 @06:41 am
New/acoustic recordings? Wow! That is great! Can't wait to get your Cd and see you perform live at my hometown. Have fun and stay wild!
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