A great day in the making

I have a great day planned, so great that I woke up at five am to get this party started!

As you know, I've been thinking a lot about gardening.

As you know, funds for gardening are limited.

Also, it's not my house.

However, yesterday afternoon when I was riding my bicycle back from the grocery store, a nice man called out to me "you want some free plants?"

He was working in his side garden and was dividing all kinds of glorious perrennials.

I have these lined wicker baskets on the back of my bicycle that hold a lot of stuff, so my groceries were in there and the two brown paper bags were folded up.

The nice gardener and I stuffed my brown bags with Flox, Solomon Seal, and Asiatic Lilies.

I hooked the handled bags onto my bike handles and rode the last block home with my groceries and my plants!

I put the plants in the shade in the back yard and used the hose to douse the plants really well so they'd survive the move.

This morning I'm going to head out to the backyard and plant them!

There is a border garden intended for this sort of thing in Rob's backyard but it became overgrown mostly with the rhubarb-like plants that produce big clumps of thistles in late summer.

My dog doesn't do well with thistles. I think the birds and butterflies like them, but I can't get along with them in Rob's small backyard.

So I have been clearing them out and now there's space for these new flowers.

After I do all the fun planting, then I'm going to ride my bike to get a Square...the thing you need to take credit card payments for merchandise.

Tonight's show is a private house concert...yes you can probably still come, you just have to message me...and I promised the host I would have credit card payments available for CDs and vinyl.

I think I have maybe four or five copies of my first book so people can still buy signed copies of that tonight too.

After I buy that and get it set up I'm going to take a shower, and then a nap, and then head to Schafer, MN for tonight's show.

A great day in the making, love to all.


Courtney June 26, 2018 @10:36 pm
Pennies from Heaven. That's a nice story, Josephine.
Courtney June 25, 2018 @12:56 pm
Josephine Lane June 23, 2018 @01:23 pm
Hey I got a free tropical plant for my garden the other day when I was taking my walk in the neighborhood. I stopped to talk to one of the neighbors about his trumpet plants. I had just bought one recently. I was admiring some of his other plants and behold he gave me one of the plants I was admiring. Pennies from heaven is what I say.
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