A few days of silence strung together

What I need is a few days of silence strung together.

I didn't mean to get that right now, but it's what I got.

I have students and clients I'm working with, some every week, some every once in a while, maybe ten people all together.

This week so far I've only met with one of my regular clients, others have been out of town or had complications in their schedules.

I was gearing up to get worried, and also to start putting the word out for more students.

But there's a manuscript hanging in the balance right now and in every way it's my top priority.

The story is written but the manuscript is too long for the publisher's preference. I've been asked to cut out quite a bit. 

I'm talking about the second "Sidney" book here, and I really really want that to come out as soon as possible, so, like I said, this manuscript is my top priority.

Well, this is perfect timing, or as my mother loves to say, "God's timing is perfect Courtney."

Okay Mom, I hear ya.

Yesterday was when I noticed the shift happening, in the afternoon, after having no shows or big interactions with people since Sunday afternoon's house concert.

I felt my mind clearing in a way that made the manuscript easier to read. Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to have another student come, but instead I had the whole day in silence, no one at the house but me and my little dog. We went for a long walk in the morning. I went out again for a jog in the early afternoon.

I came back from jogging, took a shower, put on a favorite sweater. I lit the candles on the front porch and brought out black bean chips and my favorite salsa. A glass of white wine. I brought out my laptop and opened up my manuscript to edit.

I felt the silence all around me like a cocoon, protecting me, protecting the work I still need to do to make that story sing for readers.

But the beautiful thing is that I could see the value of the work I've already done and I could hear Sidney's voice telling her story again. I could hear the wind in the trees and see the sunlight on the water.

I don't have anyone coming today either. The bad news, of course, about no students is no money coming in. People don't pay you when they miss a session, it's just not the custom. So I'm getting creative with the carton of eggs I have in the refrigerator, and I'm finishing up small amounts of anything in the cupboard.

Am I afraid? No!

Am I grateful for this time to focus on what is most important to me? Yes!

 5am this morning with candles lit for extra fortification...



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