a disappointment will lead to a new opportunity

I was very disappointed yesterday to discover that the literary agent who I have been patiently waiting to receive a verdict from says she never received the correct document version of my manuscript and so has not been reading it all this time like I thought she was.

Well there you go.

Human failure.

I immediately followed up this revelation with a screen shot of the email with the correct document attached and the date of 10/14 clearly visible.

She responded that she never received that email.

I said, "Well, but you have it now at least."

She said that I would have to wait now and resubmit my manuscript for her Spring reading cycle and that she couldn't guarantee that it would be accepted again.

I wrote back another message asking her if she would please go ahead and read it as part of her current batch of manuscripts now that she saw that I had sent the right thing on the right date. 

She responded that now I had pushed her too far and she was no longer interested in working with me at all and that she would accept no further communication from me.

Lord, show me the way.

I am now going to write to new literary agents and I am going to keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart all the days of the year.

Something better will come.

I want a literary agent who is so interested in me and my work that they would not let something like this happen.

I want a literary agent who is excited and interested and kind and patient.

If there is no such thing, then I will find that out.

But I have read many stories of agents and their authors who have beautiful life long friendships and who treat each other with care and consideration.

My literary agent is out there somewhere looking for me.

We will find each other in the coming months.

I know we will.


Christina Bowers December 19, 2018 @09:49 am
Totally agree with you..."Something better will come!"
Courtney Yasmineh December 16, 2018 @08:31 am
Josephine, you're the best! Harsh is right! I already wrote to one new agent yesterday!
Josephine Lane December 15, 2018 @02:39 pm
Harsh! Yes by all means, move on.
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