a day of rest after three nights of shows


I made it.

I am taking it easy today.

This was a a good stretch of three shows a week for two weeks in a row.

I would like to do three shows a week every week.

However, I would also like to write a set of songs for a new album and it's hard or impossible to do both.

My feeling is that your mind has to be clear for you to hear the new soundtrack of your days coming to you.

If you've just played 35 songs written by yourself and others, your mind can't bounce back that fast.

My mind just replays the songs I thought were the most gratifying the night before.

This morning I've got my song Beautiful Lonely on repeat.

Last night I decided to give that one a whirl and I was surprised by how great it felt.

Even the whistling at the end was fun!

That's a good song.

I still like it after all these years.

Today is a mind and body palette cleanser.

The venues sometimes give me a free dinner which tends to be a salad or a homemade pizza.

Last night I was given a fabulous Mediterranean pizza with artichoke hearts, spinach, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and pesto.


I loved it but I'm still not hungry yet today.

I need a day off from singing, from eating pizzas, from talking to everybody.

Speaking of talking to everybody, I just want to say that the fanbase I'm finally developing here in Minnesota is really getting great.

I LOVE the new people I'm meeting and the new fans who are coming out to shows.

I have experienced this in Europe over recent years...shout out to Petra and Heike, Travis and Micheal and Dennis and Wim and all...but I haven't had this happen in my home base ever before.

I guess there was a time which I refer to affectionately as the "divorcees on the dance floor" period of my songwriting career. I had just put out an album called "Wake Me Up When It's Over", that title being a reference to the shit show which was my initial dive into being a financially independent full time artist. During the time that album was developing I did many full band shows in Minneapolis, paid the guys out of my own pocket, was paying to get the record produced, was paying to fly the band to Europe, was paying to make my gorgeous music videos in England and France and all over tarnation. Not surprisingly, the fanbase I cultivated was comprised of a certain crowd of partiers who liked to take everything sort of lightly and just get up and dance when I played. I remember standing on stage at one of my own shows, getting my ears blasted by the band and the monitors, playing my Telecaster in my tutu, and thinking 'how did I turn myself into a bar band playing to people on a dance floor?' It was like I wanted to be Bob Dylan but I'd turned myself into The GoGos instead.

This new fan base is understanding what I'm trying to do.

They understand it because I'm making it clear for the first time ever, at a high enough level of quality.

It's me, it's what I am, it's what I always wanted.

It takes A LOT to harness what you have on the inside and manifest it on the outside.

In my case it takes a lifetime.

But I am getting it right now.

I am going to have an interesting week ahead of me.

I'm working with a few clients on their own writings.

I'll be living alone because Rob is in Spain on tour starting tomorrow.

I should be able to listen very carefully and hear the new songs that are percolating in my soul.

Today is a new beginning to a whole new world and I can't wait to see what it will hold.

I love you all.

Happy Sunday.

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