a book event and a rock show in the same evening tonight

Tonight at 7:30pm I will read from my first novel that came out almost a year ago. 

"A Girl Called Sidney: The Coldest Place" has already made my life better in many ways.

I intend for it to be a four book series.

I want to chart the life of a girl who has a dream of being a great artist, but she barely even knows that about herself, at first.

She does what comes naturally. But then the confines and conventions of the world close in around her and challenge her.

She has to actually think about it and make conscious determined choices.

There is this vein running through Sidney's story.

Another theme I am trying to play out is to show how a girl in a bad family is hurt by the uncaring actions of family members.

That's one thing, but it's entirely another when the girl becomes her own worst enemy by acting out in bad ways because of how she was treated.

I hope that by the end of book four, after Sidney has been audited by the State Of Minnesota tax department (hahahahaha), she will have risen above all of it and will be a paradigm of great determination and good will to all. But we shall see!

Tonight at 9:30pm I play a rock set as the opener for another artist's EP release.

Rob Genadek will thankfully be joining me for this performance because it's much easier to play a rock set with drums!

And Rob brings the party with his backing vocals and his energy on stage. Rob, maybe because he's a drummer at heart, cares a lot about the groove and the tempos and that really keeps a songwriter like me on my toes. I tend to be all about expressing the profundity that I feel in the words and melody. When Rob is accompanying me he drives the songs in an energized way that's fun for everybody. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to be on stage with him tonight after doing mostly solo shows lately.

See you about town if you're in Minneapolis tonight!

And love to you where ever you are.

I think it's gonna be a good night.


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