A #1 Top Of The Heap

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps and find I'm A #1, top of the heap!

Haha, what great words from Ol' Blue Eyes!

I want to wake up on New Year's Day in Minneapolis, the city that sleeps a fair amount especially in winter, and find that I'm better off than I was a year ago, that there are dreams looming on the horizon ready to come true. I want to wake to find that my reputation and potential as a songwriter and performing artist and writer are getting stronger and brighter. I want to wake to see my bank account being fortified. I want to wake to find invitations and acceptance letters galore. I want to wake to find business opportunities and good work opportunities coming through to me like the morning sun shining through the window next to my side of the bed. I want to wake to find love and acceptance, patience and dedication, in my heart and in the heart of the one I love. And I want to wake knowing that my children, my mother, and my dear little dog are all healthy and happy and starting their new year off with good feelings as well. I want to wake knowing that friendship is the strongest scaffolding of all when you're building a big dream and I want to know that all those I call "friend" are feeling blessed and beloved this new morning.

So far, so good 2019.

I have a healthy reverence for what you will bring and I am ready and willing to say YES and go for the ride.

I wish you, dear reader, every good thing this year.


Josephine Lane January 01, 2019 @11:14 am
Thank you Courtney for your blogs and your words of encouragement and hope. Never stop believing in your dreams. May your dreams come true in 2019.
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