5:45am outside in the back yard

I woke up thinking about bicycle rides along the creek, walks to the Minnehaha Falls, gardening in the back yard.

All of these beautiful summertime activities.

I have the morning free today.

(In the afternoon I meet with the MN State tax man again. In the evening a great fan and music promoter from The Netherlands is in town and we're having drinks with Rob which will be super fun.)

I got up at 5:30am..not sure why so early except that I was excited about the morning's possibilities...and I made myself a really good coffee with cream and dark chocolate.

Then I went out to the back yard which I love to do now to see how my gardening project is looking.

I was standing in my kimono (I love floral patterned kimonos) and I was drinking my mug of delicious mocha coffee, when a big black crow flew up onto the telephone wire.

He maybe saw me. I for sure saw him. But he didn't leave. He was just quietly balancing on the wire.

Then he let out a very loud "caw caw" and two of his buddies showed up out of nowhere, both of them landing on an adjoining wire and saying "caw caw" too.

Then they were all just up there balancing and I was standing on the wooden deck.

I knew they knew I was there.

There were other birds chirping and singing all around us in every direction but the four of us were the only living creatures in view.

What were they thinking?

How well do they know each other?

What did they say to each other?

Why were they there?

Maybe they all know more than we think they do.

They almost certainly do.

Also, a grey squirrel came along the fence with a small green apple from the neighbor's tree. 

The squirrel dropped his apple and ran in the other direction when he saw me standing on the deck at 5:45 in the morning.

He ran to the back corner, along the top of the fence and then turned and watched me.

I smiled at him.

Then he came warily back, climbed down to pick up his apple, climbed back up onto the fence, then climbed down again into my yard and ran across the grass in front of me to the big tree.

He lives in the big tree.

The tree is so big, and mostly hollow I think, that it's a squirrel mansion.

Very few squirrels have ever had more expansive accommodations.

The next thing I'm going to do is go walk to the bottom of the Falls and back up again, a couple of times, for exercise.


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