$100 bill in the tip jar

In Denver there was a hundred dollar bill in the tip jar at the end of the night.

Nina and I decided to put the sucker down on a nice room at the beautiful old Boulderado Hotel for our last night on the road.

I write to you this morning from the sitting room of the gorgeous suite they gave us, because it was a Monday night, and just one night, they upgraded us from the least expensive room to this delightful space.

I couldn't be happier.

I would love to come here for a week and just write during the day and sing at night.

Our show last night at The Laughing Goat was pretty decent for a Monday, and I love that venue, but it was literally nothing to write home about.

The people who came were great, and there were more people than usual the sound man told us, and we did get paid, and Nina did her best performance of the tour I think.

I went last, and I didn't get to go on until 9:30, so I took a little break at 10:15 and after that most people didn't stick around for my closing set. Playing until 11pm on a Monday probably isn't such a great thing anywhere ever.

So that was sort of anticlimactic, but we knew it wouldn't be like our Saturday night show in Denver which had been packed right through to the end of the night.

I hope to be able to play some nicer shows out here the next time I come through.

I think that can happen.

Okay, we have a fourteen hour travel day ahead of us, so we're going to pack up and head out early.

We have the option to stay at a Motel 6 again around Lincoln or Des Moines, and we may well do that, but it would be nice to just get home at this point.

We'll see.

Best wishes to you from beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

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